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Facility Audits

The staff at Stanco & Associates are uniquely experienced at reviewing the procedures for correctional facilities such as jails and youth detention facilities. Every aspect of a detention center is subject to scrutiny when dealing with the housing of human beings. Let us review your policies, procedures and practices to ensure compliance with all the latest court decisions. Do your current procedures allow for religious requirements under RILUPA? Are your search policies up to date? Are you in compliance with the latest requirements for persons held for immigration?

Incident Review

The duties owed to persons in custody pose unique issues for every jurisdiction. Incidents involving inmates or persons under arrest must be viewed, not only from a legal viewpoint, but from a practical viewpoint based on the circumstances. Allegations of excessive force, lack of proper medical care, sexual assault and other issues involving correctional staff require a practical review to ensure fair evaluation. Understanding the legal requirements, as well as the daily issues of dealing with persons in custody is essential. The staff at Stanco & Associates has the expertise to conduct these reviews for both adult and juvenile incidents.

Construction & Design

The design and construction of a new jail or other correctional facility is a huge undertaking for any jurisdiction. The cost of getting a structure completed is only the first step in the process. The real expense begins once a facility begins operation. The consultants at Stanco & Associates can help ensure that the facility you get is the facility that works best for your operation. Engineers and architects are experts in design but it takes an expert with practical experience to make a facility work best for your needs. Let our consultants work with your design team to ensure the functionality of your new facility maximizes your staffing resources.