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Law Enforcement

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Policy & Procedure Review

In this age of litigation, having quality policies in place is an essential part of all law enforcement agencies. Do your policies cover all the necessary functions of your department in a practical and manageable format? Are they current and in accordance with the latest court decisions? Do they offer you and your staff practical guidance when dealing with areas such as use of force, vehicle pursuits and employee rights? Let Stanco & Associates provide a review of your current policies or develop a set of custom policies that will work for your unique needs.

Investigative Polygraphs

Stanco & Associates can provide you or your agency with the best in the field of investigative polygraph examiners. These are not your standard polygraph examinations for employment or screening, but a thorough review of investigative files and administration of a polygraph to uncover illegal or corrupt behavior in your organization.

Incident Review

The consultants at Stanco & Associates can assist in the review of excessive force, pursuits, false arrest and other complaints against your staff. This is not a legal review and does not take the place of the services of a qualified attorney. We look at the practical aspects of each case in light of 40 years of experience and real-life applications. Our experts can assist your administration or counsel in making crucial decisions for your agency.


Many other firms offer a variety of training for law enforcement agencies and their staff. Stanco & Associates goes further and develops lesson plans and instruction for topics unique to your agency. Many law enforcement administrators face issues that seem to plague their agency or community but there is no training to address those specific needs. Let our expert trainers me with you, your community leaders and your staff and develop a training experience that is uniquely yours.