Operational Services

A new facility’s design, renovation, or construction is a massive undertaking for any company or community. The project begins with an extensive plan to sell the idea to the public or the executives who will finance the venture.

Stanco & Associates has experts ready to conduct long-term needs assessments to help determine the cost-effectiveness of a new facility and its impact on your allocated budget. The actual expense begins once a new facility is in operation. The consultants at Stanco & Associates can help ensure that any new construction works best with your operation.

Engineers and architects are experts in technical design, but it takes experts with practical experience to make any new construction work best for your particular needs. Let our experts represent your interests and work with your design team to ensure the functionality of any new construction maximizes your staffing resources.

Stanco & Associates Operational Services

Our Mission

Protecting people, assets, and information through vigilant security solutions.

Stanco & Associates is dedicated to safeguarding the security of local and federal buildings. We achieve this by providing customizable, integrated security systems, encompassing advanced surveillance, access controls, and locking mechanisms. Our mission is to:

    • Collaborate with clients to understand their unique security needs and vulnerabilities.
    • Develop and implement comprehensive security plans that leverage cutting-edge technology.
    • Ensure the safety and well-being of occupants and assets by deterring unauthorized access and monitoring activity.
    • Provide exceptional customer service with a focus on responsiveness and expertise.

Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, Stanco & Associates strives to be the trusted partner for all your security needs, fostering peace of mind and secure environments for local and federal communities.

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