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Stanco & Associates also provides a unique list of enhanced services for our clients all under one roof. Both public and private clients have needed support services to manage ever-changing circumstances that may arise. Stanco & Associates have partnered with top experts to provide the following special services:

Investigative Polygraphs – Stanco & Associates can provide your organization with a skilled investigative polygraphist to provide expert truth verification in your decision-making. This enhanced polygraph will give you the highest level of truth verification available.

On-site Drug Screen Collection– Random drug screens are a requirement with many public and private organizations in today’s society. Let Stanco & Associates provide trained collection staff to your facility to maximize the integrity and privacy of this sensitive issue.

Training– One of the strengths of Stanco & Associates is the staff of experienced trainers in safety and security. We have experts who can develop a training curriculum uniquely suited for your particular organization or operation.

Our Mission

Protecting people, assets, and information through vigilant security solutions.

Stanco & Associates is dedicated to safeguarding the security of local and federal buildings. We achieve this by providing customizable, integrated security systems, encompassing advanced surveillance, access controls, and locking mechanisms. Our mission is to:

    • Collaborate with clients to understand their unique security needs and vulnerabilities.
    • Develop and implement comprehensive security plans that leverage cutting-edge technology.
    • Ensure the safety and well-being of occupants and assets by deterring unauthorized access and monitoring activity.
    • Provide exceptional customer service with a focus on responsiveness and expertise.

Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, Stanco & Associates strives to be the trusted partner for all your security needs, fostering peace of mind and secure environments for local and federal communities.

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